Christmas is almost here!  In Seville, Spàin, you know Christmas is near when the booths selling nativity scenes set up.  It is quite a tradition in Spain.  Much time and effort are expended in the creation of a nativity scene.  In each of the booths you will find buildings, trees, colored landscaping saw dust, camels, characters, and all sorts of small props including miniature Spanish pots.  You can find tinajas, lebrillos, macetas, orzas and much more.  Many of these very small pots are hand made – in the same way that the much larger pots are made.  They are hand thrown.  In the following photos, you can see the building blocks of a nativity scene – veggies, hams, pots, shovels, trees, bridges, nails, etc. etc.   Really look at some of the photos and you will be amazed at what you see.  In several photos I put a Euro so that you can understand the size of the items you are looking at.  A Euro is the same size as a quarter approximately (maybe a little smaller)

Merry Christmas!

belen1 camels eat your veggies Egyptians houses IMG_1037 metal pans mini-pots2 mini-pots3 mini-pots4 mini-pots6 mini-pots7 mini-ptos1 nativity1 nativity2 palm trees



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