Spring is coming - and garden pots are on their way to the shelves!

Spring showers bring May flowers, and with the flowers are a lot of gardeners looking for pots to spruce up their yard, patios or house.

Garden pots don’t just appear out of thin air. The preparation, production and shipping begins long before the pots go onto the shelves at retail stores in the spring. Similar to Santa Claus at the North Pole, there is a dedicated work force in Spain that produces a lot of hand painted garden pots in preparation for the spring season. The designing and selection of pots starts early in the year. Production is scheduled with the raw materials being organized. Since terracotta pots are made of clay, the clay has to be set aside. There is an ideal time to do this, and that is before the rainy season of autumn starts.

The production programming is in coordination with the retailers seasons. That means, that in the case of garden pots, the containers need to leave Spain in February so that the pots can be on US shelves in March, at the beginning of the season.

The photo is of two half pallets of ‘bola trenzas” hand painted with a granular finish. These particular pots are headed to California, where Home Depot will run a spring promotion with the pots. This, in thanks to a nation-wide wholesaler that works with Home Depot.

Hopefully, California customers like the pots and purchase them, and I hope the Californians have enough water to garden. I just read that California is experiencing the worst drought ever recorded. !!??



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