Traveling though Spain, you will find industry congregated in poligono industriales, which basically is the name given to a cluster of large buildings with steel beam framework and sheet metal on the outside.  Very cheap construction.  Many of the poligono industriales will group like minded businesses, for example on set of buildings might be offer an array of home and garden materials, such as sofas, furniture, bathroom fixtures, tile, yard accessories, etc.  In small villages, there will be several poligono industriales on the outskirts of the village.

Another, similar concept related to the pottery and tile business, is the factory town.  Centuries ago, towns were established on or near deposits of raw materials that were important for the production of a good.  Over the centuries, the towns become known as sources for specific goods, such as garden pots, bricks, decorative ceramics, etc.  Many of these factory towns will have 70 or 80 factories in them.  Many of the factories will be very small, and more like what is thought of as a workshop.  Other factories are really factories.  Each tries to develop a niche. 



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