I walked a lot through agricultural country today.  It reminded me a lot of where I grew up in Montana.  There are similarities.  I don’t see any small producers though?  It looks like most all the production is done by large corporations?

The towns I pass through are right on the “Camino de Santiago” and it is clear that pilgrims are good for business.  Right now though 80% of things are closed I would say.  In each of the pueblos there will be one municipal or Catholic bunkhouse open and maybe 1 or 2 private lodging places and that’s it.  But looking around you can tell this camino must rock during the spring summer and fall months.

Today I saw some north American Indian teepees  (Great Plains Indians).  I thought,…”hey this is way cool.  I will stop and see who set up the teepees and what they are about.”

But instead, I ended up peaking into a closed “albergue”.  I saw two donkeys and two geese in the lawn area.  The paintings of the walls, murals and public areas were definitely hippie paintings,… lots of colors, stars, moons, happy children etc.  The donkeys came over and started nibbling on my hands.  They are ready for the crowds to come back.  I imagine it may even cost more to stay in the two teepees?  I’m betting this would be a crazy summer stop?

Well, tomorrow I might see some of my first rain on the trail.  I have hiked approximately 87km in three days.  I will need to keep this pace or a little better to reach Santiago in two weeks.  We will see how it goes.  Thanks for reading.  Steve



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