The last five days have been full of walking, rain and power outages.  The last place in the world you want to stay in when there is no electrical power is a municipal albergue in Galicia.  Without electricity, there is no water, no heat, no wifi:-) no capacity to cook and it is dark.  Basically, a big cold building with a room full of bunkbeds.

A very large winter storm went through Galicia during my final days of walking.  The nightly wind storms knocked many trees down and during the days it dumped a bunch of much needed rain.  It was miserable walking though, at times.  I concentrated on keeping food in my stomach, staying hidrated and keeping the core temperture steady.

Day 9:  I walked from Triacastela to Barbadelo.

Day 10: I walked from Barbadelo to Gonzar.

Day 11: I walked from Gonzar to Melide.

Day 12: I walked from Melide to Pedrozo (La Arca)

Day 13: I walked the final 18 kms from Pedrozo to Santiago de Compostela.

After starting in Burgos, walking to Leon, and skipping ahead to Ponferrada, in total my Camino de Santiago covered approximately 400km (250 miles).  I averaged about 19 miles per day.  I thought I would be able to do more than that.  But, honestly I feel really good about my Camino.  I walked until I was tired, and then some each day.  I loved it!  I love this kind of walking.  I really have to do more of it.

I met a bunch of interesting and wonderful people.  I saw many beatiful sights.  I tested myself, and I found a lot of quiet time to reflect and thank God for my many blessings.  It was a wonderful Camino.

Arival to Santiago of the Little Red Hunchback from Valencina.
The Cathedral at Santiago is getting a face lift.

Thanks for reading.  I want to do three more posts about the Camino.  “Small Prayers in the Camino”, “Making friends on the Way of St James”,’and “Lessons Learned”.  Buen Camino! Steve



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