I woke in a marketing mood today!  And can’t help but share some of our GringCool news.

Starting this week, we ship a free sample of Spanish extra virgin olive oil with each purchase of pottery from our online store (www.gringocool.com).  The free samples are 30 ml (about 2 tablespoons).

Our free samples of Hojiblanca and Organic Picaul extra virgin olive oils.

Below is our instructions that accompany each sample.


The most important instruction is to empty the bottle completely on 1 portion of food.

Our two varieties of Spanish extra virgin olive are high quality and each has a wonderful flavor, not to mention the fruit juice from olives (they are a fruit) is really good for you.  To get the full gourmet experience (and health benefits), a minimum is necessary or you won’t taste it.  We recommend individual servings of at least 1 tablespoon while finishing a portion of food.

Many of the lesser quality olive oils on the market will be oily or won’t have flavor, …not so with our olive oil.  Ours tastes great and we want you to experience it.

We sell a variety of hand painted Spanish pottery at our online store.  We have three collections (Terracotta colors, White Terracotta and the Cordoba Collection).  You can buy sets of bowls, plates, cups and serving items in each of these collections.

We also offer three types of wall hanging, hand painted Spanish garden pots, and range of home and patio decor including butterflies, frogs, turtles, suns and even hand thrown, hand painted piggy banks!

Our NEW White Terracotta Collection

Starting now, with each purchase from our online store, we will include a free sample of our Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

We love hearing about our customers experiences.  Please leave a comment or send us an email.  Thanks – Steve









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