One of the new GringoCool Logos!

As the summer winds down changes are in the air at Cactus Canyon Ceramics.

For years, Cactus Canyon Ceramics has focused on finding outstanding hand painted pottery in Spain and bringing it to the U.S. market. This has involved visiting many factories and workshops throughout Spain, and making new friends and acquaintances in the process.

Hand painted pottery is wonderful and we look forward to continually serving our customers with these products. The craft of taking raw clay and turning it into hand painted pottery is timeless. But while Cactus Canyon Ceramics will continue to explore, develop and market hand painted pottery, there are other things in Spain that US customers might enjoy.

For this reason, our new brand “GringoCool” was created, and Steve, the owner/operator of Cactus Canyon Ceramics, has begun a quest to find “cool” things that might interest our customers in addition to the Spanish hand painted pottery. One of the first new GringoCool products we are preparing to launch is a Spanish, organic extra virgin olive oil.

There will be other changes also.  Our online store will undergo small changes to feature GringoCool products, and make it equally as easy to buy hand painted pottery from Cactus Canyon Ceramics as to purchase organic, extra virgin olive oil from GringoCool.

After all, it is the same company, only two different brands is all.

Thanks for reading, and please check out our online store and see the new look!  It is easy to remember.  Just go to although works also! Smiley face



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