Welcome!  I am so glad you are considering becoming a Brand Ambassador for GringoCool.  We are very proud of the quality of our Spanish extra virgin olive oils and we are continually spreading the word about the use and benefits of enjoying our Spanish EVOOs.

How Our GringoCool Brand Ambassador Program Works

  • Once a person signs up as a Brand Ambassador and they are approved, the person will receive a unique URL in a welcome email.
  • The Brand Ambassador can use the URL in communications via email, social media or on their website.  The URL leads to our Spanish, extra virgin olive oil landing page at spanishevoo.com
  • Any sales that result from visits through your URL generate a 5% commission, paid to you on a monthly basis.  

It's that simple.  You will receive a URL and then any sales generated through the URL are credited to you and you receive a commission.

We will support our Brand Ambassadors with GringoCool product, to facilitate understanding of the product, and also to provide opportunities for photos en sitio.  Also, we are very interested in supporting our Brand Ambassadors with information that may make their posting or emails more informative.  We are continually publishing blog posts and working on Spanish recipes as well as recording new YouTube videos.

We use affiliatly.com to manage the sales of our Brand Ambassadors.

To sign up, please go to our GringoCool Brand Ambassador signup 

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulty signing up, please contact me at cactuscanyonceramics@gmail.com.

Thank you so much - Steve