Thanks for visiting our webstore where we offer handcrafted and hand painted ceramics and premium quality extra virgin olive oil from Spain.  

Please note, we are changing things around a bit at our online store for 2022.  First, we are cutting our prices.  Honestly, we would prefer to serve our customers through our own online store, rather than through amazon, ebay, walmart, etc.  We ship as fast or faster than any store front, and we will be able to offer our best customer service on orders from our store.  So, you will find the best prices by far at our store.  AND for every customer , an automatic $10 credit is applied at check out to help with shipping costs.

Also, we are offering a 25% OFF coupon to customers that leave a product review.  Yeah....  25% OFF!  For a limited time.  We will email the coupon to each customer that leaves one (or more) product reviews.

Hand painted dishes

I am happy to say that we finally received our new fall inventory of Spanish hand painted dishes (on December 23rd!!).  The container was shipped in August!   We are implementing plans to improve the flow of our dish inventory.

Olive Oil

Currently, we do not have Spanish extra virgin olive oil inventory.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

But, the 2020-21 olive harvest is underway in Spain, and we are in the process of selecting and bottling three different varieties of olive oil for our customers.  We hope to have new inventory available by the end of February.  The new inventory will include our Tasting Set along with at least 1 variety in 500ml bottles.  

We thank you for your patience.  And should you again purchase our extra virgin olive oils, please know that we are serious about providing the very best.

Garden Pots

We hope to have a complete new inventory of wall pots, wall orzas and floor pots available by the middle of March.  Our new inventory is in the last stages in Spain, and will ship within a month (by the end of December).  So we look forward to again providing beautiful hand painted garden pots to our customers.

And, we are working on more wall tinajas, which have been very popular with our customers over the last six months.

Thanks so much for your business and patience.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.