Thanks for visiting our webstore where we offer handcrafted and hand painted ceramics and premium quality extra virgin olive oil from Spain.  This past year or so has been strange, to say the least.  We have had a very difficult time keeping our items in stock.  Everything we sell is from Spain, and due to covid, there were lags in the Spanish factories/workshops and world shipping logistics went into a tail spin and is currently a mess.  All of which has affected our available inventory.  Here is an update for this holiday season.  

Hand painted dishes

As I write this, we have an new dish inventory shipment sitting off the west coast, waiting to be unloaded at the port and delivered to our warehouse.  The shipment left Spain at the end of August!  We expect to have that inventory available to customers before the 5th of December.

Olive Oil

Currently, we do not have Spanish extra virgin olive oil inventory.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

But, the 2020-21 olive harvest is underway in Spain, and we are in the process of selecting and bottling three different varieties of olive oil for our customers.  We hope to have new inventory available by the end of February.  The new inventory will include our Tasting Set along with at least 1 variety in 500ml bottles.  

We thank you for your patience.  And should you again purchase our extra virgin olive oils, please know that we are serious about providing the very best.

Garden Pots

We hope to have a complete new inventory of wall pots, wall orzas and floor pots available by the end of February.  Our new inventory is in the last stages in Spain, and will ship within a month (by the end of December).  So we look forward to again providing beautiful hand painted garden pots to our customers.

And, we are working on more wall tinajas, which have been very popular with our customers over the last six months.

Thanks so much for your business and patience.  Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.