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The world is a big and interesting place. Cactus Canyon Ceramics was created with the belief that many people would enjoy access to unique, special and handcrafted items, and that many (or most) of the artisans in Spain need partners that believe in their product. Many people in the world do not know about the quality, variety and loveliness of the Spanish products. It is a huge task to design, produce, market and delivery handcrafted and private label products, but it is something that Cactus Canyon Ceramics is dedicated to and we hope our customers enjoy them.  Please remember to sign up for our newsletter.  Sometimes we send special offers and information about happenings.  Also, we invite you to sign up for our rewards program and accumulate points for purchases, referrals and social media postings.  Thanks so much for your visit!

Best Selling Products

On sale
Organic, Extra Virgin Olive from Spain - 1 unit
On sale
Terracotta breakfast bowls - hand painted in Spain from Cactus Canyon Ceramics
Terracotta drinking cups - hand painted in Spain from Cactus Canyon Ceramics
Terracotta Salad Plates, Set of 5 - Hand Painted From Spain
On sale
European sized, hand painted terracotta dinner plates - from Cactus Canyon Ceramics

Featured Products

Set of 3 corner salsa bowls - Cordoba Collection - Cactus Canyon Ceramics
On sale
Ceramic fish set of 3, blue design from GringoCool
On sale
Miss Bleu Frog - Ceramic Frog Hand Painted In Spain
On sale
Miss Fire Frog!  Hand painted ceramic frog from Spain
On sale
Miss Pearl Turtle - beautifully hand painted in Spain
On sale
Purple Rain Bola - by Carmen del Olmo
GringoCool Purple Rain Bola $109.99 $119.99

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