Cactus Canyon Ceramics (TM) is a small business dedicated to providing high quality, Spanish artisan products to customers, retailers and wholesalers. 

The business started in 2010, when the owner/operator (Steve) moved to Spain where his wife had just recently accepted a job. Having some experience with construction and design, one of the first things that caught Steve’s eye was the hand painted tile and murals in restaurants, plazas, entry ways and home decor. The ceramics and pottery tradition in Spain stretches back centuries and is an interwoven in the fabric of Spanish life. Steve started visiting factories, workshops and museums and talking with the owners, artisans and curators. Soon, Steve was collaborating with factories that produce tile, tableware, kitchen, decorative, patio and garden product. The production and painting is fascinating and the artisans are cheerful, kind and very open. Visiting factories and workshops is remarkable because each one is different, with unique layouts, products and artists.   

Steve & Pia

Steve works as an agent in Spain for US companies and also he imports to the US for some customers. Our online presence started in 2013, after setting up a one-time holiday store in the Tukwila, WA.  Many customers at the holiday store wanted the convenience of ordering online so Steve set up an online store and also started offering pieces on  Currently, we ship from Central Oregon where Steve has roots, and also we use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

The world is a big and interesting place. Cactus Canyon Ceramics was created with the belief that many people would enjoy access to handcrafted items, and that many (or most) of the artisans in Spain need partners that believe in their product. Many people in the world do not know about the quality, variety and loveliness of the Spanish products. It is a large task to design, produce, market and delivery handcrafted items, but it is something that Cactus Canyon Ceramics is dedicated to. 

We will continue to explore Spain and Europe, visiting workshops, exhibit rooms, factories and businesses in search of new and interesting items for the US market.  And we have a new brand "GringoCool" for marketing items such as a Cold Pressed Elixir, our private label Spanish, organic, extra virgin olive oil.  We hope to have more GringoCool products to offer in the future! 
We welcome emails from customers interested in specific items.

For more information about hand painted Spanish pottery, extra virgin olive oil and our small company, please visit our
Cordoba Patio Festival - Cactus Canyon Ceramics

Thank you very much for visiting our online store and thank you for your interest in artisan products from Spain!