GringoCool is a small family business dedicated to providing high quality, Spanish extra virgin olive oil and handcrafted, hand painted pottery to customers, retailers and wholesalers. 

The business started in 2010, when the owner/operator (Steve) moved to Spain where his wife (Pia) had just recently accepted a job. Having some experience with construction and design, one of the first things that caught Steve’s eye was the hand painted tile and murals in restaurants, plazas, entry ways and home decor. The beautiful, handcrafted and hand painted ceramics is tradition in Spain stretches back centuries and is an interwoven in the fabric of Spanish life. Steve started visiting factories, workshops and museums and talking with the owners, artisans and curators. Soon, Steve was collaborating with factories that produce tile, tableware, kitchen, decorative, patio and garden product, which lead to the creation of the brand Cactus Canyon Ceramics. The production and painting is fascinating and the artisans are cheerful, kind and very open. Visiting factories and workshops is remarkable because each one is different, with unique layouts, products and artists.


After learning to enjoy and appreciate the Spanish extra virgin olive oil, and learning of all the difficulties US consumers face in finding a trusted source, Steve developed a new brand (GringoCool) and began to offer products in the US.

In addition to selling Spanish extra virgin olive oil and pottery in the States, Steve also works as an agent in Spain for US companies and he imports to the US for some customers. 

Don Quixote & Sancho Panza



Francisco joined Cactus Canyon Ceramics in the spring of 2022. 

Francisco is a natural entrepreneur and he is serious about reaching customers online.  Francisco also has his own online business where he sells authentic Mexican merchandise including belts, shirts, boots and cowboy hats.  Check out his store at  Francisco is a hard worker with many skills and highly appreciated.

 The Fam

Pia is a librarian but always helps with the online business by taking photos and providing advice.  And, from time to time Steve and Pia's two children (Matilde and Vincent) help out with tasks.  Both Matilde and Vincent are independent and only can be roped into to help now, when they come for a visit.

Handcrafted and Hand Painted
The world is a big and interesting place. GringoCool was created with the belief that many people would enjoy access to handcrafted items, and that many (or most) of the artisans in Spain need partners that believe in their product. Many people in the world do not know about the quality, variety and beauty of the Spanish products. It is a big task to develop and market new items, but it is something that GringoCool is dedicated to. 

After 10 years in Spain, Steve & Pia moved back to Central Oregon where Pia is a middle school librarian and translator, and where Steve just opened a Stateside warehouse.  This is an exciting development for our business and we hope leads to even better customer service.  Be assured, we will continue to explore Spain and Europe, visiting olive oil mills and workshops in search of new and interesting items of the highest quality.  And we continue to develop our two brands (GringoCool and Cactus Canyon Ceramics).
We welcome emails and feedback from our customers.

For more information about our premium quality, Spanish extra virgin olive oil and our hand painted Spanish pottery, please visit our social media sites below.  Thank you!
Cordoba Patio Festival - Cactus Canyon Ceramics

Thank you very much for visiting our online store and thank you for your interest in GringoCool products from Spain!


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