We are currently bottling a special coupage of Spanish extra virgin olive oils in our new 2 liter bag-in-a-box.  And, we will offer a porcelain cruet (oil bottle) FREE with your first purchase of our 2 liter box.  Our set will help our customers keep their olive oil fresh and healthy in the refrigerator, and only fill the cruet for daily use.  This means less use of plastic and glass also!

Pre-purchase your first box and treat yourself to some of the best quality Spanish extra virgin olive oils in the market today.  We expect to ship pre-purchases by the 1st of March.

We strive to offer only the very best quality extra virgin olive oils because we want to earn your trust and be your source for delicious and healthy olive oil.   Our EVOO is the "Real Deal"!  No middlemen watering it down, or un-clocked time in vats. Just fresh, pure Spanish extra virgin olive oil for you to enjoy. 

Our offer of a free cruet with your first purchase of a bag-in-a-box stands until we run out of inventory.  Place your order today and choose your cruet.  Don't miss out. :-)