5 Healthy Recipes To Serve at a Tapas Party

A tapas party is a great way to enjoy tasty food while bonding with each other. Not sure what to serve? Check out these healthy recipes for your tapas party!
5 Healthy Recipes To Serve at a Tapas Party

In Spain, “tapas” is the word for snacks, so a tapas party translates to a snack party. Often, these get-togethers include various Spanish and Mediterranean dishes divided into smaller portions so you can fill your plate with a large variety of foods. Keep reading to learn about five healthy recipes to serve at a tapas party!

Spanish Garlic Shrimp

This blend of shrimp, olive oil, and garlic goes perfectly together, and you can make this dish in just a few minutes. Also, most recommend using jumbo shrimp because they’re more flavorful. When it comes to cooking, you’ll want to prepare a sauce with olive oil, garlic, crushed red peppers, Spanish paprika, and a bit of white wine for the shrimp. 

Spanish Roasted Potatoes

Patas bravas—or roasted potatoes—are a crowd-pleaser, and nearly every guide will tell you they’re a must-have tapas item! To make these, simply wash and cut up some potatoes into bite-sized pieces, then fry them in olive oil. 

Paprika Chicken Skewers

Add a bit of protein to your tapas party with some delicious paprika chicken skewers. Begin by cutting your chicken into chunks, then marinate it with olive oil, smoked paprika, garlic, chili powder, and lemon; let it sit in the fridge for five to six hours for the best results. Once the chicken marinates, skewer it then add a final splash of oil and cook it in a pan. 

Spanish Cheese Board

Add a cheese board to your menu if you want a single dish that mixes various flavors and textures. You can lay out multiple kinds of cheese—hard and soft—meats, nuts, and even olives. Traditionally, meat and cheese platters at tapas parties include cured ham and various Spanish cheeses. Additionally, hosts serve this alongside bread.

Serving Tip

Enhance your Spanish cheese board by adding a dipping bowl with olive oil. Guests may want to dip their pieces of bread into the extra virgin olive oil or drizzle some on top of their cheese. 

Mushroom Croquettes

Our final healthy recipe to serve at a tapas party is mushroom croquettes. Croquettes are another classic at a tapas party, and many people in Spain enjoy stuffing these fried dumplings with mushrooms. To make these, sauté onion, garlic, and mushrooms, fold the ingredients into a bechamel, then allow it to chill. Finally, coat the filling in breadcrumbs and fry the croquettes.

Bonus Hosting Tips

As you plan out your menu, remember to offer a variety of flavors and textures that complement one another to ensure your tastebuds feel satisfied. Some entertainers even ask guests to bring a dish of their own or wine to share to keep hosting simple.

Buy Great Serving Ware

GringoCool sells handcrafted Spanish dinnerware sets that would be ideal for your next tapas party! Plan the perfect tapas party so you can enjoy some bonding time with friends and family while savoring mouth-watering food.


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