Regular vs. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: What’s the Difference?

Read about the differences between regular and extra-virgin olive oil to decide which one you should buy. Each has its own benefits and suits certain uses.
Regular vs. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: What’s the Difference?

Many of us have some cooking oil in our pantries, and olive oil is one option everyone should have. But which one should you use: regular or extra-virgin? In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between regular and extra-virgin olive oil.  

What Is Regular Olive Oil?

To create regular, or refined, olive oil, makers press the olives to create the oil and then apply heat or add chemicals. In other words, regular olive oil contains an olive oil blend rather than just the oil.

Typically, refined or light olive oils are best for cooking on the stove because they have a higher smoke point. Plus, regular olive oil often costs less.

What Is Extra-Virgin Olive Oil?

Often, extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is labeled “cold-pressed,” which means the makers didn’t apply heat during the manufacturing process. When creating EVOO, makers grind the olives into a paste, which leaves a satisfying flavor; then, they press the paste to obtain the olives’ natural oils.

This type of olive oil doesn’t include other chemical additives, so it doesn’t last as long—one of the few downsides of EVOO. However, EVOO is unrefined, so it tastes better than regular olive oil and contains more vitamins. Plus, extra-virgin olive oil is a great natural fat packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. All of these qualities are great for our health; for instance, antioxidants can lessen the risk of heart disease.


Tips for Buying the Right Olive Oil

When it comes to noting the differences between regular and extra-virgin olive oil, the main things to consider are flavor, usage, and price. EVOO has a richer taste, since it contains only natural oils from the olive. Also, think about how you plan to use your olive oil. Many of us use cooking oils in the kitchen, but EVOO isn’t the one you want to grab for frying and sautéing—it can burn at high temperatures. So rather than waste it during the cooking process, drizzle it on top of dishes, use it as a dressing, or dip some bread in it.

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