NEW!   Tasting Set of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils from GringoCool

We are proud to announce our new product - our Tasting Set of olive oils from Spain.  The set includes three bottles (8.45 fl oz/250 ml) filled with three different premium quality extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) from Spain.

Each set includes a bottle of organic picual, a bottle of hojiblanca and a bottle of our new coupage "De Sevilla", which is a mix of arbequino and manzanilla.  Each will have a slightly different flavor.  Our picual is very traditional and robust, our hojiblanca is fruity and green, and our De Sevilla is very smooth.

The official cata (flavor profile) of each is below:

Cata of our Organic Picual:

Very harmonious and pleasant oil in all phases of the tasting. The nose combines green-ripe tones reminiscent of vegetables with fresh fig leaf, olive leaf and ripe apple. The palate is dense, with good persistence and moderate bitterness. Due to its personality and persistence, it is recommended for people accustomed to taking extra virgin olive oil of great quality, using it in stews, stews, fried foods, sauces and pastas.

Cata of our Hojiblanca:

Green fruity of great complexity and aromatic power in which elegantly combine fruit tones reminiscent of the green apple and banana peel with freshly cut grass and tomato. Fluid and sweet at the mouth, slightly bitter and slightly more spicy with an end of alloza. Highly recommended with cheeses and to finish meat and fish dishes.

Cata of our De Sevilla Coupaje:

"De Sevilla" It is an oil of green color accentuated and bright appearance, with a balance between spicy, bitter and sweet, very aromatic with a high fruity green, in which you can see notes recognizable tomato, apple, fruit salad and ripe banana.  "De Sevilla" Olive oil obtained from the manzanilla olive is ideal for low temperature frying and for the preparation of recipes of strong fish such as cod. It is also a highly recommended oil for raw consumption to dress salads, gazpachos, toast or as part of a good breakfast.


Recipe for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing

DIY Extra Virgin Olive Oil Recipes:

Many times I have watched people prepare a beautiful salad of fresh vegetables and then add 400 calories of an off the shelf salad dressing, filled with sugars and chemicals.  There are so many ways to create your own healthy, fresh and tasty salad dressings and dips.  We are glad to provide a DIY recipe card with our Tasting Set that includes four dressings/dips that you can make with our healthy extra virgin olive oils.  Our neighbor Fran, who is a magician with simple ingredients prepared the four recipes.  They include:

- Andalusian/Mediterranean Dressing

- Spanish Mustard and Honey Dressing

- Spanish Mild Alioli Dressing/Dip

- Tzatziki Dressing/Dip


Foodie gift a Tasting Set of 3 Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils

 Great Gift for a Foodie or Cook in You Life:

We hope that many foodies and cooks can try our tasting set.  Our EVOOs are single source, first cold pressed from a family owned and run olive oil mill near Cordoba, Spain.  We select only the best quality each harvest to offer our customers.  And we are very proud of our GringoCool Tasting Set.  Give it a go!  

And we welcome product reviews, recipes, comments and questions.

Thanks for reading and have a great day - Steve


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Tom Lattig

These are some of the best tasting olive oils I have ever tried, and the packaging is top notch. My brother gave me a set for Christmas when I visited his family in Washington DC. From there I transported on two flights packed in my suitcase as checked luggage back to London. They survived the trips without any problem. I love the recipes included in the set, but my favourite way to savour it is on toasted bread with tomato, avocado, and a little salt. Cheers GringoCool!

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