Traveling Tips: Best Ways To Experience Culture in Spain

As you plan your next trip to Spain, you may wonder how you can engage with the culture. Check out this post to make incredible memories on your adventure!
Traveling Tips: Best Ways To Experience Culture in Spain

Going to another country is an incredible cultural experience that allows you to learn about a new place and the people in a way you otherwise couldn’t. Sure, you can hop online to read about Spanish culture, but nothing tops going to Spain and talking to the locals. Below we’ve created a list of ways to experience Spanish culture on your incredible adventure!

Check Out Festivals

Nearly every culture has some festivals, and while some are holy days, others are historical. These celebrations are full of life; some—San Fermin or Running of the Bulls—will get your heart racing. Some of the most popular festivals in Spain include:

  • Festival of Patios: Takes place in May; a courtyard flower festival.
  • Las Fallas: Occurs in mid-March; sculptures are made and then burned.
  • Carnival: Happens before Lent; includes parades, music, and more.

Festivals are vital to Spain’s culture because they bring people closer together and give everyone a perfect opportunity to bond. These celebrations are a core part of the heritage, and attending at least one of these festivals in Spain can bring you closer to the locals.

The Flower Festivals

Festival of Patios is just one of the many floral celebrations to occur in Spain. These include flower arrangements ranging from beautiful bouquets in terracotta pots to floral statues! GringoCool sells beautiful Spanish terracotta pots made by artisans in Spain. Buy one of these pots and add a bit of culture to your home. 

Eat the Local Food

Food is the center of many cultures because the process of preparing and enjoying it brings people together. Spanish food is delicious, and there’s a lot to choose from. There will be foods you’ve never had before, and nothing beats the authentic taste you’ll get in Spain. Talk to the restaurant staff about which options they recommend, and strive to choose different options for your meal each day.

Enjoy Tapas

In Spain, most people enjoy tapas mid-day, between 1 and 3 pm, and in the late evening, between 8 and 10 pm. Tapas are much like appetizers in the United States since they are small bites to eat, but they stand out because there are various flavors like extra virgin olive oil, cheese, seafood, meats, and more.

Learn the Language

It’s always a good idea to at least have a slight handle on the native language before visiting. Practice your Spanish or use apps like Duolingo before going abroad, so you know the basics. This makes diving into the culture easier and engaging with the locals. You can also have a deeper appreciation for Spain once you go because you’ll have a grasp of the language, which is another key area of culture.

A Closing Note

There are many incredible ways to experience Spanish culture on your next trip to Spain. So, talk about attending a festival and enjoy that delicious food! Reach out to your hotel staff to see if any guides can show you around the neighborhood. Most importantly, live like a local and not a tourist during your amazing travel.

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