Mexican Talavera Siesta Planter Pot (Sleeping Farmer) Hand Painted - VARIABLE COLOR TRIM


Mexican Talavera Siesta Planter Pot (Sleeping Farmer) Hand Painted - VARIABLE COLOR TRIM

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Step into a world of Mexican folklore with our Handcrafted Mexican Talavera Siesta Man Planter Pot from Cactus Canyon Ceramics. This terracotta pot is a celebration of culture and color, adding a uniquely festive touch to your home and garden décor. Each planter showcases a charming depiction of a sleeping man under a sombrero, with the hat's color varying from blue, green, red, to yellow, ensuring a delightful variety in every piece.

  • Our handcrafted and hand-painted Mexican Talavera Siesta Man Pot (11"D x 9"W x 8.5"H) will add a festive, colorful, touch to your home and garden décor.
  • Planters will vary in color. Some sleeping men will have blue sombreros, others green, others red, and even some yellow, etc. But all color combinations are varied and all very pretty. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this planter is a great way to bring a touch of Mexico to your home.
  • This beautiful Terracotta pot is hand painted by skilled artisans in Mexico. Each pot is unique, so no two pots are exactly alike. Please note, the design you receive will vary from the photos. Each planter is painted individually and only the trim color on the top rim will remain the same (all other colors will change).
  • The planter is a high-quality ceramic - sturdy and durable. It has a drainage hole at the bottom to ensure proper water drainage.
  • Our Cactus Canyon Ceramics, Sleeping farmer garden planter pot is perfect for small flowers, succulents, or herbs and makes a great addition to any room or outdoor space.


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