Check out our NEW! Spanish garden planters and saucers.  Each ceramic pot and saucer is hand painted by Artisans in Andalusia, Spain.  The pots are a beautiful addition indoors or outdoors.  The colors will never fade.  Our terracotta pots are sturdy and of the highest quality.  We offer twelve different designs for our floor pots and saucers. 

Each pot measures approximately 6.25" high, with a 6.75" diameter at the top.  They are not a large pot, but still a very nice size, especially for interior use.  Each pot has a drain hole in the bottom.

We are also proud to offer wall hanging flower pots (orzas, tinajas and wall pots).

Watch a Spanish Artisan (Nani) paint a pot.

Spanish pottery - for sale online
Flower pot for interior use from Cactus Canyon Ceramics
Mexican planter for sale via Cactus Canyon Ceramics
Planter and saucer - hand painted in Spain
Flower pot from Spain - with a saucer
Spanish flower pot and saucer
Mexican ceramic planters - colorful
Mexican talavera for sale from
ceramic garden pot from Spain
Interior ceramic garden pot from Cactus Canyon Ceramics
Spanish pot and saucer for the patio garden or interior home
Talavera garden pot - for sale online from