Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Several things to know about what sets our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) apart from the competition.

  • Premium quality is assured.  We work closely with a Spanish, family owned and operated olive mill (molino).  Our EVOO comes from fincas near Cordoba.  Our customers can rest assured that our EVOO is not vat oil (prolonged periods in vats and bulk containers before an expiration date is applied) nor is it blended with canola or sunflower oil, colorant, etc.  Our EVOO is pure and the Spanish Real Deal!
  •  Our baginbox with cruet bundle helps conserve the environment.  Our 2000 ml baginbox replaces 3 or 4 regular 500ml or 750 ml containers.  So that means less plastic and glass waste goes to the landfill.
  • Our porcelain cruets are reusable.  (You say,  ... no duh?)  Well, some people think our bundle is a promotion.  Really, what we hope is that our customers get a bundle (with the cruet), and then order just baginboxes from us.  Reusing the cruet and reducing waste.
  • To get the best price, order from our on-line store, where we always offer the best prices with reduced or no cost shipping.

Spanish Dinnerware:

Dinnerware from Spain - Countryside Picnic!

Regarding our Spanish dinnerware collections:

  • We sell 3 different collections of hand painted, Spanish dinnerware (Terracotta Colors, White Terracotta, and Spanish Sunset).
  • Our dinnerware is "right sized".  Our dishes are European sized, which means that in general, our dishes are smaller than US dishes.  But, our dinnerware hold a healthy and satisfying portion of food.  Give our dishes a try, and you will see that you do not need a 12" plate to enjoy your meal.
  • Did you know that in the 1960s, the average size of a dinnerplate was approximately 9.5" across?  And now, the average size of a US dinnerplate is closer to 12"?  Crazy!!  And that larger plates foster over-eating because the normal tendency is to fill a plate with food, and then eat it all? Mother will be happy, but not the waistline!
  • Also, we offer several Mexican Talavera serving or food preparation items.

Spanish Wall Pots & Floor Pots:


Mexican Talavera:

Mexican Talavera Cowboy Boot Planter PotMexican Talavera Cowboy Boot Planter - Red Trim

Things to know about our Mexican Talavera:

  • The coloration and designs change on every piece of our Mexican Talavera.  We organize and offer our Talavera pieces by trim color.  For example, above are three cowboy boot planters.  Please note that the first has light blue trim (top and bottom), the middle has dark blue trim, and the boot on the right has red trim.  The trim colors stay the same, but the actually Talavera design and colors change with every single piece.
  • Our Talavera is from Dolores Hidalgo area of Guanajuato, Mexico.


  • Our warehouse is located in Redmond, Oregon.  Our exhibit room is open on Fridays between 10am - 4pm.  Please call Steve (541-316-3236) or Francisco (541-279-8678) if you would like to set up another time to visit.  And we will do our best to accommodate you.  Thank you!
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