Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Direct from Spain to Your Table

Limited time offer:  With your pre-purchase of our new 2 liter bag-in-a-box, we will provide, free to you, a hand painted, porcelain cruet (olive oil bottle) and dispenser.  We expect to ship to your residence the bag-in-a-box and cruet near the end of March, or hopefully before.  Click here, to pre-purchase.  Thank you.


GringoCool is proud to offer our world class varieties extra virgin olive oil, direct from Cordoba, Spain. During each harvest, we work closely with a family managed olive oil mill in the selection, bottling, and packaging of our olive oil, and only the highest quality oils are considered. Once bottled, the Spanish extra virgin olive oils travel directly from the olive mill in Spain to our warehouse in Oregon, and from their to your table. Our olive oils do not sit in vats for seasons before bottling with a new "best by" date.  There are no middlemen, meaning you are purchasing the "real deal", only the very best quality of extra virgin olive oil.  

Your Health and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives are fruit. The freshness and quality of the juice produced depends upon the quality of the fruit, along with the cleanliness, timeliness and precision of the first cold press.

A large part of our health is determined by what we eat and drink and extra virgin olive is good for your health.

  • EVOO is a source of Monosaturated fatty acids as well as good cholesterol.
  • It is good for your heart, reducing risk of strokes.
  • It is good for your digestion and your colon. 
  • The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in EVOO are good for your brain, memory and mental health.
  • Our quality, Spanish extra virgin olive provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to your diet.
  • Extra virgin olive oil has many other health uses including for your skin, nails, hair and even removing wax from your ears :-)

Tips for Enjoying our EVOOs

Our packaging is designed to maintain the freshness of the EVOO, as well as reduce plastic and glass waste.  We sell our De Sevilla olive oil in a two liter bag-in-a-box.  And for a limited time, we are offering our customers a free porcelain cruet (olive oil bottle), with your first purchase.

This will allow our customers to fill their cruets when needed, and to store the 2 liter bag-in-a-box in the refrigerator which will help maintain freshness.  All top quality EVOOs will coagulate slightly in the refrigerator so we recommend that you take the box out of the fridge and let it rest to room temperature before refilling the cruet.  By using our cruet (or another), the amount of plastic and glass going into landfills (and the ocean), will be reduced.

Our Spanish extra virgin olive oil is meant to be used and enjoyed. Many companies sell low quality olive oil in pretty bottles with pretty labels, and the bottles end up being used as a kitchen decoration. We encourage you to use and enjoy our top quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our EVOO is top quality and excellent for finishing foods. We recommend topping off fresh vegetables, salads and pasta as well as for mixing salad dressings and sauces. Another wonderful use is on toast. The better the quality of bread, the more enjoyable your cuisine experience. And for those garlic fans, a couple of scrapes of a garlic clove across the toast before applying the EVOO, is delicious.

In Spain, most kitchens will have two different qualities of extra virgin olive oils. The best is used for finishing food, and many times a lower quality will be used for frying, but remember, heating EVOO to high temperatures nullify the health and change the flavor. Never bring extra virgin olive oil to the smoke point.  

We do recommend the use of our EVOOs for low temperature cooking. For example, coating fresh vegetables (potatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, etc), placing them in a pan with spices (cumin, pepper and salt), with an additional quarter cup of EVOO added, then cover and cook at a low heat (325 F) in the oven, produces delicious vegetables and a "to die for" sauce. And adding our EVOOs to a slow cooked roast or sausages will create a mouth watering gravy.

If you are interested in Spanish dishes, we are continually working on authenic Spanish recipes. You can go to our recipe page by clicking here.

For best results and the most enjoyment, please use our EVOOs abundantly. Remember, extra vigin olive oil is a fruit juice and it is good for you!




The Real Deal!

By several estimates, at least 55% of the imported extra virgin olive oil in the States does not meet industry standards.

Many unscrupulous merchants buy bulk, quality EVOO and dilute it with sunflower oil, or other types of additives and then put it in pretty bottles and import it into the States - sell a product that compromises both the health benefits and the flavor.

Our extra virgin olive oil is the real deal, from a single source. The harvest location, harvest time, variety, production time, and vatting are carefully recorded and registered with each lot number of GringoCool.

Large producers harvest hundreds of acres to produce their bottles of EVOO. We are a small importer and enjoy the luxury of only choosing and bottling the very best quality EVOO from select orchards for our customers.

You can trust GringoCool as your source for top quality EVOO.

Trust Your Source!


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