We are always looking for business partners.  We are a small, growing company and the future lays ahead.  We do not have the answers regarding how best to collaborate with other companies, but we are willing to explore business relationships that are win/win.  We understand that good business depends upon making a profit, and as a small company we have learned that good business relationships lead to good results.  Please contact us if you believe there is an opportunity for synergy or if you are interested in developing a wholesale relationship with us, or if you would be interested in us drop-shipping for your online store.

What we can offer

1. Premium Quality, Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Please contact us at gringo@gringocool.com if you are interested in purchasing our GringoCool brand of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Also, we are interested in talking with other online merchants that would like to explore our drop-shipping.

2. Handcrafted, hand painted, Spanish pottery for the kitchen & tabletop:

Currently, we sell most of what we import, but there may be instances, we can offer wholesale prices on large purchases of our Spanish ceramics for the kitchen and tabletop.  We are always looking to explore new business relationships so don't hesitate to email.  

3. Hand painted Spanish Garden Pots:

We have years of experience in the Spanish hand painted garden pot industry.  We can offer factory direct purchases or we can provide wholesale shipments (minimum purchase of a 20ft container).  The Spanish artisan pots are unique and beautiful, and should be in every garden center.  Let us know if you are interested in Spanish pots.

• 50+ shapes with at least 2 sizes in each shape.
• 11 sizes of standard pots
• We offer both hand-thrown and standard pressed pots
• Each pot is hand painted in Spain - each pot is unique
• Standard decorated, granulated or rameada finishes
• Capacity to create new and unique designs for customers
• Best prices & top quality
• Please email if you would like more information

Again, if you are interested in wholesale purchases or developing a drop-shipping relationship, please contact us at gringo@gringocool.com.  Thank you and we wish much success in your business endeavors. - Steve

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