Types of ceramics in Morocco (and Portugal)

Moroccan pottery

Pottery shop in Marrakech, Morocco


Types of ceramics in Morocco

To simplify things a bit, the low cost (low quality) red clay pottery is mostly made in the town of Safi. The higher quality (higher cost) white clay products are made in Fez. In this photo, the red clay products are in the foreground and the white clay in the rear. The Fez pottery carries arabic geometric designs mostly.


Red Clay, White Clay in Morocco

Example of white clay (Fez)  plate.  In Fez, they also produce some porcelain products.

Red Clay in Morocco

Here is an example of a red clay plate. This shop keeper was the nicest guy in the world. He gave me a short lecture and was up for any questions. Nicest guy.

Adobe in Morocco


Adobe in Morroco

I have spent Semana Santa in Morocco, mostly the south and southwestern areas. I love it down here. The people are really friendly and ready to help you or sell you just about anything. I am a huge fan of building with adobe, and they have centuries worth of adobe buildings down here. I have been checking out the pottery and also the berber carpets for fun. We hit the desert at the perfect moment – as you can see the fields are all green. I really learned what an oasis is.


Pottery in Portugal

I had a chance to visit several villages in Portugual reknown for producing ceramics. One particular city brags of their production of large serving bowls, figurines and phallic symbols! Just so you know, if your in the market for any of those items. I saw some very nice hand painted ceramics, and also a top of the line factory with a lot of pastel colors – kind of neat.
















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