Announcing our GringoCool Brand Ambassador Program

Learn about and sign up as a Brand Ambassador for GringoCool!
Announcing our GringoCool Brand Ambassador Program

We are very happy to announce our Brand Ambassador program for GringoCool, Spanish extra virgin olive oils.

As a small, growing brand, here at GringoCool we are interested in connecting with people who enjoy our Spanish extra virgin olive oils.  And so, we have initiated what we call our Brand Ambassador program to pay affiliate sellers a commission for each bottle of olive oil sold.

We have endeavored to design our program as simple as possible.  It is not a full time, or even part-time job.  Instead, it is an opportunity to make a little cash on the side, with what we hope is not a lot of effort.  In the best-case scenario, it would become a passive income for our Brand Ambassadors.

The program is set up as the following:

  1. Brand Ambassadors sign-up at
  2. Once approved, the newly subscribed Brand Ambassadors receive a welcome mail with their unique URL.
  3. Brand Ambassadors provide the URL in social media, email or website postings promoting GringoCool, Spanish extra virgin olive oils.

The URL is provided through an app called “”.  Each URL is unique to a specific Brand Ambassador.  The app allows the tracking of visitors arriving through each URL, and the sales are registered resulting from the visitors.

  1. People that click on the unique URL are directed to our Spanish extra virgin olive oil, landing page at  Should any visitor click on one of our products and then purchase it, the Brand Ambassador’s account will be credited with a 5% commission.

To encourage readers or fans to visit the landing page, the URL can be provided in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter postings, or it can be made available via a blog post, YouTube video or an email (please no spamming though).  Another method would be to provide a “product feature” on their own website.  Any sales resulting from visits through the URL generate a 5% sales commission.

  1. For the sake of continuity, Brand Ambassadors will be expected to post 4 times a month (basically 1 post per week).
  2. A Google Drive link will be provided to each Brand Ambassador to upload photos taken of our products en sitio.
  3. Each month, our Brand Ambassadors would receive a commission check (if their balance is more than $75).

To facilitate sales, it is very important for our Brand Ambassadors to understand our product, the qualities of extra virgin olive oil, and why our product is outstanding.  Below is a list of blog posts and videos, with short descriptions – which will help our Brand Ambassadors understand more about GringoCool.

Also, to better familiarize each Brand Ambassador with our product, upon signing up, we send each Brand Ambassador:

  • 1 – two bottle box of Spanish, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 – one bottle box of Spanish Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 – set of 5 terracotta salsa bowls
  • 1 – terracotta serving dish

We will consider other types of continued support to our Brand Ambassadors as needed.  We want each to be as successful as possible.  We have tons of photos and several YouTube videos posted.  We offer Spanish recipes at our webstore, and we periodically post on instagram, our blog, facebook and on twitter.  We are continually working on creating good content, which we hope is useful to our Brand Ambassadors.

About GringoCool and our Spanish Olive Oils

GringoCool is a trademarked brand of Cactus Canyon Ceramics, LLC.  Principally, the products associated with GringoCool are our two varieties of Spanish, extra virgin olive oil.  The varieties offered under our brand are “picual” and “hojiblanca”.  Both varieties are on the high range of “healthy” compared to all other varieties of olives, which means a higher concentration of oleic acid and polyphenols (a fantastic natural antioxidant).

As the owner/operator of GringoCool, I live and work in Spain.  I have developed working relationships in the industry that allow the selection, bottling and marketing of top quality EVOO.  Our annual volume of bottling is small, in comparison with many larger brands.  But, there are advantages to being small.

Thousands of hectares are harvested through out the harvest season for large brands.  This usually means that their product is a mix of varieties of olives, with a variety of maturity and quality.  It is all mixed up together and the result is inevitably mediocre.

Because GringoCool volume is smaller, I can more specifically select high quality EVOO from a specific finca (farm), and harvest time.  What all this leads to is that you be certain that GringoCool will always provide one of the highest qualities of Spanish EVOO in the market.

To learn more about EVOO and how best to enjoy high quality EVOO please check out our blog entries, youtube postings, and the resources at

GringoCool Blog Articles:

Extra virgin or just some pomice and chemical pretender?   (an article suggesting three methods for choosing your EVOO).

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Like Wine? (Just like wine, a product depends a lot on the quality and variety of fruit, and a special “alchemy” and knowledge in the production).

Don’t do this to Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Photo proof that you do not want to leave your EVOO in sunlight or near heat where the quality will deteriorate).

Battle to be the “World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil” – and why this is misleading (One bottle at one time – and it may be the best among those present, but next year the same brand could be garbage).

Classic Recipe for Tortilla Espanola (YouTube star “Rebecca Brand” made a video about preparing a Spanish tortilla for Cactus Canyon Ceramics).

Introducing “Cold Pressed Elixir” from GringoCool (The launch of GringoCool EVOOs(.

Do you stomp olives to make olive oil? (Important elements facilitating quality production of the fruit juice -EVOO).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taste Test – Pullman, WA (One of the first taste tests conducted by family and friends).

How GringoCool Selects a Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Bottling (EVOO selection from samples provided from various 2017 orchard harvests).

How do you say “Olive Oil Fraud” in Croatian? (A test of a very iffy EVOO).

Kent’s Odyssey – The Pacific Northwest Trail (On Kent’s trek, he was using GringoCool EVOO for his cooking and flavor enhancing).

Essential Oils – Grandma’s Remedies? (Nature’s natural elixirs include EVOO).

Olive Harvest Crew Near Sevilla (Hand picking the tabletop “gordal” variety of olive).

The 2018 Olive Harvest Has Begun in Spain (Early results from the harvest of 2017-18).

Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain (Introducing our program to provide recipes).

Free Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sample with each Pottery Purchase (Free samples of GringoCool EVOO go out with every Spanish pottery purchase).

Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al Ajillo) Recipe (A very traditional Andalusian recipe, of a very tasty dish).

12 Factors that Influence the Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Detail of reasons there are differences in quality and flavors of EVOOs).

GringoCool Olive Oil, Taste Testing Parties – the Millenial Pepsi Challenge! (Register of the taste tests conducted for GringoCool).

GringoCool YouTube Videos:  (containers vs quality and “trusting your source”) (the simplest of all recipes – “Spanish garlic toast”) (a review of my daughter’s kitchen and EVOOs) Online Store Resources: (list of Spanish recipes) (some of the health benefits from consuming EVOO) (basic tips for enjoying EVOO) (basic info about our Brand Ambassador program)

Landing Page for Brand Ambassadors Customers Sales


To Sign Up   

We are always interested in hearing from our customers and colleagues.

If you are interested in becoming a GringoCool Brand Ambassador, please go to

And, please if you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Thanks for reading.  Cheers to building a team of wonderful, warm, interesting,  enthusiastic and successful GringoCool Brand Ambassadors.


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